Shao-lin Mantis

This style has its origins in the famous Shao-lin Temple Henan Province Northern China dating back over 600 years, it is said to have been developed from 18 of the best styles of its era. Chat Sing Tong Long (Seven Star Praying Mantis) Kung Fu is a complex style comprising of many forms, which include:

  • Empty hand
  • Weapons skills
  • Two man weapons
  • Hey Gung (Breathing Skills)

Your forms are like a reference to your techniques. Application of your forms is at theforefront of our training. It is of no use to have nice looking techniques and not being able to apply them in real combat situations.

This is an in-depth system with much to learn physically, mentally and physiologically. Chat Sing Tong Long kung fu is a pure martial art and should not be considered a sport. The techniques you will learn should be practiced with the up most of responsibility and safety in mind. Sifu David Brown is one of only a handful of instructors residing in the UK representing Sifu Derek Frearson & Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing (Hong Kong/China).
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